All photography provided by Aimee Stanyer

Every  new day is another chance to change your life.



Aimee is motivated to actively engage in conversations that  will assist you to explore change and transition, celebrate turning points and explore your sticking points. She is eager to open you up to the possibility of a vibrant life. 


When you talk with Aimee  she will work along side you to look at a plan of action to suit your needs. She spends  time working with you to look at your situation and together you will develop a plan of action .

Aimee offers a therapeutic  intervention that will suit your unique situation. If issues of stress, depression and anxiety are  impacting on your life Aimee has extensive experience with the treatment of these issues and is confident in treatment planning and evidence based interventions.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world
— Gandhi

If you wish to speak with Aimee and discuss options for therapy please call 0407589848.

Aimee accepts Mental Health Care Plans  and Chronic Disease Management Plans from your local Doctor. Aimee is also an ATAPS provider so please speak with your local Doctor to see if you can access this  referral pathways.

Aimee has concession rates and bulk billing is available to people experiencing financial hardships. Please discuss this with your Doctor or Aimee.