What do people have to say about Aimee Stanyer and their experience of counselling?

"Helpful, Challenging,Insightful. Exactly what I needed :-)"   Male client from Noosa Hinterland. 42 yo. July 2015

"  You have made such an amazing difference to my daughter  since the last session. She has used her time amazingly today. I also benefited from our last session. Thank you so very much for our freedom. We are so honoured to have had you as our counsellor, confidante, adviser, artist in empathy.. such a humanitarian.. Makes a difference." Mother  commenting about changes in her self and her 15 year old daughter who experiences anxiety.

" Thank you so much for yesterday's session. I am so lucky and blessed to have someone I trust to support me through the highs and lows. It enables me to see with clarity and reiterate that I'm doing the work and feeling the emotions whilst healing." Female client from Noosa Hinterland. June 2016.

What do other health professionals / welfare workers  have to say about Aimee Stanyer and their experience of supervision?

Hi Aimee, Just wanted to say how incredibly beneficial I found (and have consistently found) clinical supervision sessions with you to be. Thanks again for Tuesday afternoon/evening. 

Josie Drew. www.lifeenrichmentcentre.org.